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Minimalism with an idea


Minimalism with an idea


Minimalism with an idea

Idea Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors from the Nexbau Idea line are panel doors made of high quality aluminium. The doors we produce can be personalised to give them a unique character. Aluminium in one plane.


You can choose window panes sets and infills

You can choose colour and interchangeable panels

You can modify handrail/handle type

You can choose RAL colour


MB-86 is the first aluminium window and door system in the world which incorporates aerogel, a material with excellent thermal insulation properties. The advantages of the MB-86 system also include the high durability of profiles, allowing constructions of large dimensions and weight to be made.

Features influencing the functionality and aesthetics of constructions made in the MB-86 system:

  • wide thermal breaks with a new shape allowing the use of an additional partition in the profile insulation zone
  • two-component central seal perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the leaf and frame
  • a wide range of sections provides obtaining the required aesthetics and durability of the structure
  • glazing stripes with additional sealing, available in three variants: Standard, Prestige and Style
  • profile shapes suitable for installation of various types of multi-point fittings, including concealed hinges
  • wide range of glazing allows for use of all types of glass, including double-chamber glass, acoustic glass or anti-burglary glass
  • profile drainage available in two variants: traditional or concealed
  • possibility to produce anti-burglary windows and doors in RC1 – RC3 class and windows in class RC3i
  • energy-saving

– 3 versions available depending on the energy saving requirements: ST, SI and AERO.
– heat transfer coefficient (Uf):MB-86 ST: from 1.39 W/(m2K),MB-86 SI: from 0.92 W/(m2K), MB-86 AERO: from 0.57 W/(m2K),
– the only system in the world in which aerogel is used – a material with a great thermal performance
– wide thermal breaks in a new shape allowing application of additional divider in the profile insulation zone
– glazing stripes with additional sealing available in three versions: Standard, Prestige and Style
– two-component central seal
– the system allows for using 70 mm window panes sets

  • durability and weather resistance

– properties of aluminium

design without limits

– high strength of the profiles allows to create big size and weight constructions

  • aesthetics

– drainage of the profiles available in two versions: traditional and hidden one
– shapes of the profiles are matched to suit different types of frame fittings including hidden hinges

To fully benefit from the potential of aluminium, the door needs to work both easily and effectively. They protect what you value the most. We perfectly understand that.


  • we use only quality Dr Hahn hinges
  • basic surface hinges are available in 2- or 3-leaf versions
  • for customers who value high aesthetics of door, we can offer hidden VL-Band hinges
  • Proper closing of the door is enabled by Winkhaus STV espagnolettes and single Assa-Abloy locks used in the internal joinery. Espagnolette construction with two or 4 massive hooks guarantees proper holding of the door leaf as well as burglary protection.
  • we offer vast selection of door handles and hand-rails made mainly of stainless steel produced by Polish and German manufacturers
  • at the request of our customers, we can offer a wide range of additional products such as automatic door closers, lock inserts with wheel, or electric door strikes
  • we can make door which opens with a code, fingerprint or even by telephone


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