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Terrace Windows

Entrance to a terrace needs to be comfortable. It must match style of the building and its interior design. In NEXBAU, we have 3 types of opening mechanisms for terrace windows. We offer PVC, wooden, aluminium as well as aluminium-wooden windows. Choose one that suits you best. We will take care of the construction and assembly.

Slide Windows (SLIDE)

  • elegant slide windows with smooth operation
  • sashes open parallel to the wall
  • sliding element with uniform pressure on the frame
  • opening and closing with minimum effort

Solutions at a reasonable price


Slide alumunium windows (MB-SKYLINE)

  • comfortable, threshold-free transition from the house to the terrace
  • frame concealed in walls, floor and ceiling
  • manually or automatically opening doors
  • doors up to 4 m high

Space matters

Lift and Slide Windows (HS)

  • opening through slight lifting and sliding of the sash
  • low threshold for easier passage on foot and on a wheelchair
  • it can be even developed up to 19 m
  • movable sash weights up to 400 kg

Glass wall full of light

Tilt and SlideWindows (PSK)

  • sash can be tilted and slid to a stationary position
  • easy-to-operate opening mechanism
  • four anti burglary bolts which prevent from breaking-in
  • movable sash weights up 200 kg

The space matters

Tilt and Turn Windows (UR)

  • they open like classic windows
  • bolt facilitatingclosing the window from outside
  •  low threshold for easier passage on foot and on a wheelchair
  • simple and classic form

Just a window. Right window.

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