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Slide alumunium windows (MB-SKYLINE)

Large glazed areas have become part of the modern façade design not only in office buildings and hotels, but most of all in detached houses. They are most often the link between the kitchen or living room and the garden. They provide a panoramic view, blur the distinction between the interior of the house and the landscape outside the window and give a sense of unlimited space. The less visible the connection, the better the effect.
The MB-SKYLINE concealed-frame sliding door system is based on narrow profiles that give structures a modern and minimalist appearance. Doors made with it give the building a unique style and raise the profile of the entire investment.

Slide alumunium windows MB-SKYLINE

  • comfortable, threshold-free transition from the house to the terrace which, when opened, provides the perfect link between the interior of the building and its surroundings
  • profiles 71 mm (sash) and 190 mm (2-rail frame) deep
  • visible width of the door leaf connection is only 25 mm
  • doors of up to 4 metres in height can be used, offering many design possibilities and spectacular glazing
  • manually or automatically opening doors
  • drives and control units can be hidden in the frame profiles or mounted outside the structure.
  • excellent thermal performance
  • also available on rollers as “Skyline R-type”


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