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Slide Windows

The innovative NexbauSlide mechanism enables closing in the blink of an eye. This makes the operation of windows and slide doors particularly easy and user-friendly. Opening and closing is easy and almost automatic, and can be done with minimal effort. Are you carrying a child or taking something to the garden? No problem with NexbauSlide! With the new closing mechanism, the sliding element is pressed evenly against the frame. Together with a circumferential seal, it makes in a high degree of watertightness.


New PVC Slide Windows System

NEXBAU SLIDE is a sliding window that works smoothly, is elegant and is an additional attractive design element in your living room. Arrange your furniture according to your own taste. Leave your flowers on the windowsill when you open the window. Enjoy flexibility and use the space directly in front of the windows – as you wish. NEXBAU SLIDE offers completely new freedom in designing your living space. Sashes open parallel to the wall and do not “walk” into the room.

NexbauSlide Sliding Windows at a reasonable price


    • saving

    – depth of profiles is 80 mm,

    • sound-proofing

    – acoustic insulation

    • safety

    – burglary resistance – up to class RC 3, without steel reinforcement up to class RC 2

    • easy-to-clean and care

    – external surface of the profiles is HDF (High Definition Finishing)

    • recycling included

    The innovative REHAU material is 100% recyclable. The construction of GENEO profiles with a RAU-FIPRO composite core and PVC outer layer allows the re-use of recycled material when extruding the next generation of profiles.

    • possibility to use 2-pane and 3-pane sets, with width of sets ranging from 24 mm to 32 mm,
    • warm CHROMATECH ULTRA frames in several colour versions,
    • low emission coats guarantee proper thermal performance,
    • sets with increased acoustic resistance, safe and anti-burglary window panes, laminated or tempered glass
    • combination with reflective panes and ornaments,

    A window without fittings is just a glazed frame. The fittings are responsible for closing, opening and tilting the window. They can increase the comfort of using windows and their safety.It is the fittings that allow you to tailor the windows to your needs!NEXBAU uses only reputable fittings from ROTO company – the specialist in window technology.

    Our consultants will offer advice and help you adjust your fittings.


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