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Wooden and aluminium window lines

NEXBAU windows and doors made in the timber-aluminium system are the latest design development, created to meet the needs of modern architecture, which is increasingly challenging.
By using an internal wooden structural frame with an external lightweight aluminium structure, the product combines the advantages so highly valued by customers.
NEXBAU wooden and aluminium joinery gives a warm atmosphere to the house, which is at the same time easy to maintain, as it requires no maintenance and is less vulnerable to weather conditions.
Combining modernity with the atmosphere of a wooden interior? Nexbau Moderna windows.

Moderna C

Moderna TC

Moderna S

Moderna R

Moderna L

Moderna I

Moderna Q

Moderna QFB


  • energy savings

– 68 mm profile depth
– the profile allows the use of energy-saving glazing units from 24 to 44 mm

  • noise reduction

– gasket around the entire circumference

  • safety

– security classes up to RC2 (for IV68 window)

  • protection against weather conditions

– external aluminum cover
– aluminum cover in RAL color palette according to customer’s request

  • aesthetics

– unique atmosphere of wood inside the room; Nexbau windows can be painted with water-based coating, mainteining the structure of the wood
– up to 8 models (of the aluminum covers): moderna C, moderna TC, moderna S, moderna R, moderna I, moderna L, moderna Q, moderna QFB

  • possibility to use 2-pane and 3-pane packages, with width of packages ranging from 24mm to 32mm,
  • warm CHROMATECH ULTRA frames in several colour versions,
  • low emission coats guarantee proper thermal performance,
  • packages with increased acoustic resistance, -safe and anti-burglary window panes, laminated or tempered glass,
  • reinforcement with reflective panes and ornaments.

    A window without fittings is only a framed glass. It’s fittings that are responsible for closing, opening and tilting of a window. They can increase comfort of use and safety of a window.
    It’s window fittings that will help to adjust your windows specially to your needs!
    NEXBAU uses only prestigious window fittings produced by ROTO – an expert in window technology.
    In the MODERNA system we can use:

    • anti-force-in security fittings and handles with keys
    • TILT FIRST fittings perfectly increase children safety
    • brake in a handle which blocks the opened wing
    • multi-point tilting mechanism
    • DESIGNIO fittings – with hidden hinges and many more

    Our consultants will offer advice and help you adjust your fittings.


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