We know that people have different taste. For nature and timber lovers we have a special line of products called SOLENS by NEXBAU. For production of our windows we use selected pine, oak and shorea wood. We have prepared 4 collections which match different architectonic styles - starting from a palace to end with a modern loft.

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Windows from this collection are perfect for traditional buildings and simple constructions. When timber itself is an ornament, there is no need for additional framing.


classica68 grey
classica78 grey
classica92 grey

Classic beauty of form, perfectly crafted.





Windows from this collection are perfect for buildings characterised by exceptional architectonic style created under conservator's supervision, where every detail enhances the style.


palazzo68 grey
palazzo78 grey
palazzo92 grey

Craftsmanship and unforgettable style.







Windows from this collection are perfect for renovation of historical buildings and open-air architectonic museums, for all places where the climate of old days is desirable.


rustica grey
classica rustica grey

Charm of tradition.