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Door Lines

NEXBAU doors are a solution for anyone who wants to create a unique atmosphere of the interior. They combine rich design and modernity which makes them perfect for both traditional and modern buildings. We also design custom-made windows and doors that give your home a unique character and reconstruct antique woodwork for palaces, manor houses and residences, which is finished manually with the utmost care for every detail. We are aware that doors are the showcase of your home. They protect what you value the most. NEXBAU doors are both safe and elegant. It is up to you to choose between a ready-made design or an individual project.

Drzwi PVC | PVC Doors

PVC Doors

  • resistance to weather conditions
  • durability and safety
  • easy-to-care
  • full range of colours and designs
Drzwi drewniane | Wooden doors

Wooden Doors

  • beauty of natural wood
  • original material connections
  • variety of styles
  • extensive selection of details
Drzwi aluminiowe | Alloy doors

Aluminium Doors

  • superior durability and technology
  • modern form and aesthetics
  • profiles with thermal break
  • option to equip with automatics
Drzwi techniczne | Technical doors

Technical Doors

  • smoke-proof object doors
  • burglar-proof and multifunctional
  • strength parameters
  • fireproof parameters

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