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Tilt and Slide Windows (PSK)

Terrace tilt and slide windows (PSK) can be tilted and then slide the sash onto the fixed part without taking up any space inside the room. The applied mechanism is easy to operate and allows sash weighing up to 200 kg to be opened. In tilt and slide terrace windows (PSK), we use four anti-burglary latches as standard, which make burglary difficult.

Tilt and Slide Windows (PSK)

  • sash can be open and slid to a stationary position so that it takes up little space inside
  • opening mechanism is easy to operate
  • it is possible to operate a sash that weights even 200 kg!
  • in standard we use 4 anti-force-in latches which prevent burglary

Tilt and turn terrace windows are available in the following systems:

PVC Systems
Wooden Systems
Wooden-aluminium systems

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